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Winter Series

CTC: the national cyclists' organistion AUK: the UK's premier long distance cyclists' association London-Edinburgh, 28 July 2013
page updated: 26/08/2014
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Passing Sandbach Heath church<br>on the Newport 200 (photo: Francis Cooke)Start the new Audax UK 2014/15 season with one (or several) of Peak Audax's rides. Whatever your aim for the new year, it's good to get some early season rides into your legs.

If you are aiming to ride Paris Brest Paris, then you will be looking for early season 200km qualifiers and training rides.If you're working on a Round the Year Randonnee challenge, then these rides can get you through the winter months.

With limited daylight hours available, you might be looking for something a little shorter, then try one of the Brevet Populaire rides.

  BRs BPs
November: Eureka! 200 Cheshire Safari 155km
December: Winter Solstice 200  
January: Mere Two Hundred 200 Hopey New Year 108km
Mere One Hundred 160km
February: Newport 200 Radway 153km

Once the Winter has finished, don't forget to continue into the Spring with our Spring Series.
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