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Randonneur Round the Year

CTC: the national cyclists' organistionAUK: the UK's premier long distance cyclists' associationParis-Brest-Paris, 16 August 2015
  page updated: 15/02/2014  
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Are you capable of completing a Brevet de Randonneur (BR) or Brevet de Randonneur Mondial (BRM) in each of any 12 consecutive months? Not many can, as this is an award only the hardiest of riders can aspire to. In order to qualify for inclusion in the RRtY Roll of Honour, you need to complete a Randonneur (minimum 200km, either calendar event or Permanent) in each of any twelve consecutive calendar months.

What events can be counted for an RRTY?

Well, any Calendar or Perm marked as 'BR' will count, and that includes DIY Perms of at least 200km completed at Randonneur pace. BRM events also count, and in fact I'll probably consider any validated ride of over 200km, but you will need to convince me that it was ridden at Randonneur pace, (see Handbook for regulation 9.7)
Most people find it difficult keeping a continuous run going over the winter months, with the vagaries of the British weather to contend with. Only the fastest of riders are able to complete these without at least some riding in the dark. Others have difficulty in keeping a 12-month run going because it clashes with summer touring schedules.If you want to ride something shorter than a 200km Brevet de Randonneur, you could try for the AAA Round the Year award - an AAA event in any 12 consecutive calendar months.

Don't forget that you have to claim this award - it's too complicated and important to trust to a simple computer, so you need to attract the attention of a human adjudicator.

Thirty days hath September ...

January 2010 became a 59-day month. The requirement to undertake a ride during January 2010 was relaxed, in light of the prolonged and widespread period of icy weather. You may make an RRTY claim with both your January and February rides completed before the end of February 2010.

But don't expect us to be this lenient during a more normal winter!

However, we will be extending February 2012 to 29 days to give you just that little bit of extra time in which to complete your RRTY rides.

Ross Bentley-Davies:'I think I'm actually more proud of (completing my RRTY) than I was of completing my first SR in the process!'

Phil Dyson: 'Oh dear! I've gone and done it again. I thought I could stop. Thought it would be easy to stop. But the evidence of the AUK Results service says otherwise. I am well and truly addicted.'

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